Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gran Paradiso - Rif. Vittoria Emanuele to Rif. F. Chabod

All seven other occupants of our room had left for Gran Paradiso by 4.00am. We slept on to 6.30am having breakfast in the lovely new conservatory.
We headed up the path at the end of the glacial L. di Moncorve towards La Tresenta. The path was steep and loose but once we were on top of the moraine the path was well compacted and an easier gradient.
We followed the path to the north side of the stream flowing out of the glacier and up onto the snow on the slopes of La Tresenta, going as far as we dare without crampons and ice axes reaching about 3200m. I would like to return with appropriate gear to reach the top as it looked reasonable. 

Ascent 454m 
Descent 454m
Dist 4km

On our return we headed down the large rock slabs into the valley crossing back to our path that we had used for the ascent but further down.
By the time we arrived back at the refuge Darren (our son) and his friends had arrived back as well. They had reached approx. 3700m before turning back due to the high winds on the final slopes of Gran Paradiso.

In the afternoon we headed off to Rifugio Chabod. A lovely walk that contoured a high above Vallone di Seiva on path 1a. The views across the valley were apectacular and the rock scenery on our side was shaped by the glaciers with large smooth domed slopes.
We were offered a lovely room to ourselves as the refuge was quiet. The staff entertained us with singing and dancing in the evening which was fun. The refuge had a large warm basement for drying clothes and wet boots. There seemed to be plenty of electricity as they had a water turbine and large storage batteries. The showers were excellent. 

Ascent 354m 
Descent 306m
Dist. 4km

la Trasenta from Rif. Vittoria Emanuele

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