Friday, 15 August 2014

Gran Paradiso - Rifugio Citta di Chivasso to Rifugio Benevolo via Col Rosset

La Tresenta and Ciarforon over Lago Rosset
We left the Rifugio Citta di Chivasso (2604m) nice and early, but 20 minutes into our walk I could not find my gloves. So I returned to the refuge to look for them, to no avail. By the time I got back it was 8.40am, not the early start we had hoped for.
High level route To Alpage Bassey
The walk through the Piani di Rosset on route 3c passed some beautiful lakes including lago Rosset and Lago Chanavey. We had the path to ourselves.

The final section up to Col Rosset (3023m) was steep and it started to gently snow as we reached the top. I had use my spare socks as gloves. The descent into Vallone della Gran Vaudalaz was very steep, on frozen gravel that some might find quite intimidating.

View down Val di Rhemes

We followed the route 12 down to Alpage la Grande Vaudala (2338m) then turned onto route 13a for a while before turning left onto a higher level route leading to Alpage Bassey. Again it was abondoned but in excellent condition witha turf covered roof making it invisible from above. From here we headed down into the main valley to Rifugio Benevolo (2285m). This was a large refuge with a modern extension. We had a room to ourselves with a double bed on the floor of the attic up a vertical ladder.

Alpage Bassey
It rained on and off later that afternoon so we stayed in drinking tea, eating jam tart and apple sponge cake.

 We sat with four Glaswegians at meal time and enjoyed exchanging holiday stories. We ate endless supplies of soup, chicken and mash. Lindsey had cheese and mash as a vegetarian alternative. The desert was Creme caramel. This was quite a disappointing meal especially the vegetarian option. Tea cost 5euros for a jug!
Breakfast include cereals bread and jam.

Ascent 780m
Descent 1050m
Dist. 9km


Unknown said...

Good to have individual rooms in a lot of these refuges.

Unknown said...

Your chances of getting a room to yourselves improves when they are quiet; later in the season.

Unknown said...

€5 for a jug of tea!! That's the Nicholas Crane tip to use your socks as gloves. I believe he did it on the ascent of the Vignemale in the Pyrénées!

Unknown said...

We now order a jug of hot water which is free and take our own tea bags.