Friday, 22 August 2014

Gran Paradiso - Cogne and Valnontey

The walking had come to an end for this holiday at least. 13 consecutive days walking with an average of over 1000m per day. We always find walking in the Alps easier than in the UK for some reason. Many of the paths take a zig zag route up the steep parts rather than going direct and this must make it easier.

Today we headed into Cogne and used the free electric bicycles that are available to borrow from the tourist information centres in the area. They are also available in Pont and Valsaverenche, they are probably available elsewhere but these are the ones I have seen.

From Cogne we cycled SE to Lillaz, a pretty little village at the end of the valley.

In the afternoon we returned to Valnontey and visited the botanic gardens. It is best to visit earlier in the flowering season, we were too late to see it at its best.

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Unknown said...

One benefit of it being a cool and wet summer; the views were clear and crisp when the sun came out and the valleys very green!