Thursday, 29 August 2013

Maritime Alps - Circular walk from Refuge Valmasque to Collet de la Charnassere

Thursday 29th August

Le Lac Gele
This was supposed to be a rest day. The only  element that made it any easier was that we were not carrying all the gear in our rucksacks.

It was a beautiful morning so after breakfast we crossed the dam behind the refuge Valmasque (2233m)  and followed the the cross country ski route. that heads up to Le Lac Gele.

Le Lac Gele

It is a super route on rock with some easy scrambling sections. Once in the cwm we crossed the strip of ground between the small and large portions of lac Gele (2588m).

We then crossed the scree on the north side of the lake on an indistinct sheep/chamoix track then climbed steeply at the end of the lake up to Collet de la Charnassere (2727m).
The col gave good views across to the border and lac de l'Agnel.

After a bite to eat we took a clearer path south to Pas de la Fous (2828m), fine broad col.

Collete de la Charnassere tot he left with Le lac Gele in the centre
From here we edged along the sharp arete to a small top to gain a better view. After returning to the col we took the main path down from the col on the east side stopping at Lac de la Lusiere. for a snack while we sat there an ibex came to within 5m of us.

Continuing down to the dam for Lac Noir (2278m) was mostly on solid rock with a few patches of snow that were soft enough to grip. We then returned to Refuge de Valmasque where a nice fire was already lit.

Ascent 900m
Descent 888m

Collet de la Charnassere

Le Lac Gele and Lac de la Lusiere

Rocky ridve south of Pas de la Fous 


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